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The most important programs implemented by leadership development

chief executive officer
The CEO's Mastery Program Apply and practice enterprise leadership skills and build modern strategies for chief executives and leaders
extraordinary leader
The ZENGER-FOLKMAN Program is presented in partnership with the regional partner QUICK-WINS, a leadership program based on a focus on enhancing the strengths of leaders
female leadership
A long-term rehabilitation program for girls, focusing on providing them with skills, behaviors and knowledge in the field of women's leadership, while enhancing nominal values and community awareness with integrated rehabilitation tools that combine rooting
the most promising leaders
The aim of this program is to train and develop promising leaders for large government institutions, and to provide long-term job training.
young national leaders
The Young National Leadership Development Program is a qualitative program that aims to build the youth personality through leadership development. The program is distinguished by starting from research and studies carried out by a research team to determine the challenges and aspirations of Saudi youth.

Why leadership ?

Leadership development is a distinct entity through its clients’ certification in the field of qualification and development. (Leadership Development) has the following competitive advantages that enable – God willing – to manage and implement projects for the beneficiaries with professionalism and high skill:

We have a distinguished and specialized research and implementation team.
We have accumulated experiences in managing and implementing national projects and programs inside and outside the Kingdom.
We follow a certified and documented form in preparing training programs.
We implement large training projects, during short periods of time, in different regions and simultaneously
We have a project management office that specializes in overseeing project implementation and delivering professionally and professionally.
We have accumulated experiences in managing and implementing national projects and programs inside and outside the Kingdom.

They said about (Leadership Development)

From the testimonies of our customers

I found an unusual psychological effect after completing a program

(Qualifying Social Work Leaders), to the point where I am surprised,

saying: What did the program do?

a. Saleh bin Yousef Al-Muqrin

The Promising Leaders Program is one of the most important

programs I have ever attended.

The program touches on very important aspects of my life.

And I learned how can I easily and in the process of achieving

development in my facilities.

Mr. Majed Al-Harbi

The National Young Leadership Development Program is an outstanding program
We have learned about stress management, self-flexibility and positivity
Personally, I consider it a life map for every ambitious youngster
It helps you define your goals and draw an integrated plan for all aspects of your life.

Mr. Basem Rajaa Al-Muhammadi

The solidification program contains many features and benefits. The most important features of the program are inclusiveness
The program provides a variety of skills that a businessman needs.
superiority; The program management is always looking for distinguished trainers. In addition to reality.

Engineer Omar Abdullah Al-Shamlan

The effective board training program is the first of its kind.
The trainers worked at the highest level. The attendees’ interaction increased the session’s benefits.

Mr. Osama Ali Al-Hamoud

In our projects we adhere to a set of principles

Our principles

  • the responsibility
  • Confidence
  • Leadership
  • Flexibility

Our tools

We have extensive experience in training and consulting, personal guidance, counseling and metrics

Research and studies

Research and studies

We grow our expertise and invest our knowledge through

Refereed scientific references
Specialized leadership research
Translate the best global studies
Guide to best practices and solutions
Follow international standards
Practical and realistic applications
Providing various metrics and tests
Special studies to take the appropriate decision

Training and workshops

Training and workshops

Integrated and diversified plans for training and workshops

Integrated team management software
Quality training services
Various training plans
Meet customer needs
The possibility of distance training
Highly qualified instructors
Continuous evaluation and improvement
Flexibility in implementation

Products and software

Products and software

Our methodology in preparing products

Adopt precise specifications of the target product
We study the needs of the target segment
We are looking at similar best practices
We analyze and compare information and results
We design an integrated model for our products
We attract the best specialists and experts
We apply, review and develop
We control and value our products

Success Partners

Alliances and Membership

We are proud of our high-end services for a group of distinguished partners and allies in government agencies, private institutions and the third sector