About us

Who we are

The Leaders Development Company (LDC) was launched in 2009 with an initiative from an elite of specialised and interested people who desired to establish a house of expertise that aims to develop and improve leaders of organizations and businesses, and to offer specialized products and consultation and qualifying programs in leadership development by exploiting local and global experiences. The Leaders Development Company was able - by the grace of God – to accomplish many great achievements, LDC executed a series of leadership development and qualifying programs for several organizations from different sectors of the state, and held several Local, regional, and global partnerships. We, in Leaders Development, align with the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 through its various programs. Specifically, we strive to be part of the sustainable system in developing human capabilities through its three pillars: developing a flexible and durable educational foundation for all, preparing for the local and global future labour market, and providing lifelong learning opportunities.

The Vision

The reference of leaders’ development in the Arab world

The Mission

Specialized in creating and developing influential leaders, according to the best methods and techniques of influence, through distinguished products and services, by employing and global expertise in a creative work environment.

Our values


We design with knowledge and experience, and implement with quality


We mean specialisation, and we are professionals in providing service.

Team spirit

A homogeneous multi-experienced team with integrated capabilities.


We take advantage of the opportunity and take the initiative to meet the demand.

Our Objectives

  • Excellence in creating and developing leaders

    • Preparing and qualifying the leaders of profit and non-profit institutions and entities.
    • Building and qualifying middle leaders.
    • Providing consultative solutions in leadership qualification.
    • Building specialised products in leadership qualification.
  • Enriching the leadership knowledge

    • Conducting field studies in leadership.
    • Building databases and information about leadership programs and products.
    • Publishing the new specialized leadership research and journals.
  • Sponsoring leadership initiatives

    • Providing consultancy and leadership support.
    • Creating and sponsoring leadership initiatives.

Join us

The Leadership Development Company announces the existence of opportunities for cooperation in the following areas
(Training, consulting, coaching, guidance, preparing training bags)
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