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Leaders Development (LD) is a specialized national expertise house which was established in 2009 in the Saudi capital city, Riyadh. It provides the best-specialized services and products in the area of developing the leaders of both profit and non-profit organizations.
That is what our Vision is all about

The competent authority in the area of developing the leaders in the Arab world.
Our Roadmap starts with our mission

Specialists in crafting and developing the influential leaders in accordance with the best methods and techniques of influence, through excellent products and services, exploiting the local and international expertise in a creative work environment.
Our values define who we are

Team Spirit
Social Responsibility
Always in front of us

Excellence in crafting and developing leaders.
Enriching leadership knowledge.
Sponsoring leadership initiatives.
Our full spectrum of services

Designing models and products specialized in preparing and training leaders.
Managing and executing leadership training projects.
Enriching leadership knowledge.

Only in 2016

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The Total Leader




To become a truly empowering enterprise, a business must develop leaders throughout the organization. In fact, the organization of the future is one where everyone is a leader.
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CEO Leadership Program




This specialized program is based on the needs of the local market to train the CEO in small organizations.
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The Extraordinary Leader




A leadership program that focuses on enhancing the strengths of leaders, how to transform them into extraordinary leaders, using tool 360 to measure 16 leadership competencies
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National Youth Leaders Development




This qualitative program is aimed at building the leadership capacities of young people at the university level.
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Designing Training Packages



Designing and building specialized training packages and manuals to address leadership topics.
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1- House of expertise combining scientific knowledge and field experience
2. Wide knowledge of international experiences in specialization
3. Distinguished consultants, trainers and mentors
4. Commitment and responsibility towards the customer
5. High efficiency in management and operation
6. Professional and homogeneous team

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LD Researches

Our Researches

  1. A survey and evaluative study of leadership products using ILA standards as well as the standards of the Magazine “Leadership Excellence”.
  2. A survey of leadership training models in Arabic and English. A study and evaluation of more than (33) leadership programs in America
  3. A release of a survey on the models and programs of young leaders’ development.
  4. Collection of more than 100 specialized researches on leadership development, and translation of some parts of the same and approximation of its content and its publication.
  5. Selection and translation of a number of visual training programs with international trainers.
  6. Summarization of more than 40 important books on the leadership and management, and offering the same to those interested.
  7. Translation and publication of dozens of focused articles written by the experts of leadership development.

LD Projects

  1. Project to develop and execute the Promising Leaders Programs for the (100) II Grade leaders in the General Corporation for Desalination of Saltwater.
  2. Execution of the program “Bakr” to train 55 II Grade leaders in non-profit organizations.
  3. Execution of the project “Adequacy Program”, one of the Aramco’s programs to support local content and train the Saudis with Al-Rashid Company.
  4. The project to develop and execute the program to strengthen 14 entrepreneurs.
  5. The project to train (100) young national leaders with Waqf charity organization.
  6. Development and execution of Bakr program to train charity work leaders.
  7. Development and execution of programs to strengthen Entrepreneurs.
  8. Development and execution of Promising Leaders Programs for large government organizations
  9. Development and execution of the initiative to develop boards of directors in non-profit organizations
  10. Development and execution of the program of CEO.
  11. Development of a model for young national leaders.

Our Products:

LD Products

  1. The Integrated Leader: A four-level program presented by Leadership Management International.
  2. Promising Leaders Program: This program aims at training and developing promising leaders for large government organizations, imparting long-term on-job training.
  3. The first 100 days: This program focuses on the most important tactics of success in the first 100 days of a leader’s work.
  4. Bakr: it is an applied and Practical program to prepare leaders of non-profit organizations.
  5. Tamteen for entrepreneurs: It is a practical leadership program for entrepreneurs and aims at developing leadership and entrepreneurial skills.
  6. Boards of Directors: This program is dedicated to the development and training of boards of directors and its members.
  7. Chief Executive Officer: This specialized program is based on the needs of the local market to train the CEO in small organizations.
  8. Everyday Leadership: This integrated training program focuses on building young and emerging leaders at the general education stage.
  9. Development of Young National Leaders: This qualitative program is aimed at building the leadership capacities of young people at the university level.
  10. Coaching: This is a personal orientation program for the leader.
  11. Manar: This specialized program aims at preparing women leaders.

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Launching NYLD Program (Shareq)
The National Young Leaders Development Program (Sharq)will be launched -With the help of Allah-, on Tuesday, 06 February 2018 at […]
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Signing “YCSP” contract with JCC
  The Governor of the Job Creation Commission and combating Unemployment, Mr. Omar Al-Batati, signed a contract with the Leaders […]
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4MAT Leadership Training Model
As a reflection of the strategic partnership between Leaders Development Center and “About Learning Organization”, the Center implemented a training […]
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MOI: Boards of Directors Training program
On Thursday, March 23, 2017, the program of the Boards of Directors was inaugurated under the patronage of His Excellency […]
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Closing the first Phase of the PLP
End of the First Phase of the Promising Leadership Program. Based on the keenness of the Saline Water Conversion Corporation […]
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The launch of Promising Leadership Program
His Excellency Dr. Abdulrahman Al Ibrahim, Governor of the Saline Water Conversion Corporation, launched the Promising Leaders Program in Riyadh […]
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Eng. Abdullah Al-Dubaikhi
Chairman of the Board
CEO of Agricultural Investment and Livestock Production Company - a wholly owned subsidiary of the Public Investment Fund Chief Executive Officer of Afof Investment from 2006 to 2011 CEO and Board Member of Al-Dowalj Technology Company from 1993 to 2002 Project manager in the lending department of the Saudi Development Fund from 1990 to 1993 Director of the division of Saudi Telecom from 1987 to 1990
Abdulrahman Aldurayhim
Fusce iaculis ornare nunc rutrum ornare. Proin ut placerat enim, vel venenatis urna. Phasellus sed diam tincidunt mauris malesuada mattis et in nisl. Quisque massa eros, molestie at mi eget, aliquam tristique eros.
Prof. Mansour Al-Mansour
Supervisor of Business Development Unit
Ecophysiologist, interested in Higher education, Leadership, Management& Sociology. Experience in consulting projects for more than 15 years. Experience in training and development not less than (20) years. 20 years in the boards of higher education and non-profit institutions Chairman of the Board of Directors of Dar Al-Jumaa International Media Center
Abdullah Mousa Yelkawi
Training and development expert
Interested in leadership training and organizational growth strategies.
Haitham Abu-Ayyad
Director of Training Department Department
Performance Development & Business Development Consultant (REACH2 CHANGE) Consultant General Manager Training Training Performance Improvement Company Director of Development and Support Activities of the Deanship of Preparation King Faisal University Lecturer of communication skills and technical writing Balqa Applied University First Education Support Trainer (SJE) Canadian Education Support Agency in Jordan Life Skills Trainer with UNICEF

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Effective Motivational Leadership

  • Develop clarity, vision and purpose

  • Define personal values and goals

  • Enhance attributes and behaviours

  • Strengthen Emotional Intelligence

  • Become strong leaders and coaches

  • Increase personal and team productivity

  • Achieve their full potential




Effective Personal Productivity

  • Set goals and achieve results

  • Make productive behavioral changes

  • Evaluate attitude and make changes

  • Communicate more effectively

  • Deal with interruptions

  • Become a team player

  • Thrive in a learning environment




Effective Motivational Leadership

  • Develop a vision for the future

  • Create winning teams

  • Promote growth and advancement

  • Establish an organization of leaders

  • Become an effective motivational leader

  • Be able to lead and motivate others

  • Increase your team innovation


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leader’s Personal and behavioral patterns




leader's Personal and behavioral patterns leader's Personal and behavioral patterns leader's Personal and behavioral patterns
Effective Personal Leadership




Effective Personal Leadership Effective Personal Leadership Effective Personal Leadership Effective Personal Leadership