We are distinguished in leadership development by having high qualified and specialized experts in designing and managing training projects, whatever the targeted number, or training locations.

We provide high quality services to ensure that leadership training is delivered efficiently:

1- We prepare comprehensive training plans for the requirements of the programs that have been built and designed.

2- We form an integrated work team to manage and implement training plans.

3- We carefully and precisely select qualified trainers, and raise their efficiency, and continuously evaluate their performance.

4- We organize training events inside and outside the Kingdom.

5- We continuously evaluate the implemented training programs.

Leadership development seeks to contribute to the transfer of knowledge and to nourish Arab content with what is useful and influential in this field, and to keep up with what is new in it

We aim at:

1-Increasing the knowledge of interested people and beneficiaries, keeping them updated and guide them to the best practices.

2- Preparing abstracts about global leadership models and programs, and publishing them in appropriate scientific content.


3- Providing special studies to specific organizations that contribute to making the appropriate decision on the development of targeted leaders.