The Extraordinary Leader Program

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● The ZENGER-FOLKMAN program is offered in partnership with the regional partner QUICK-WINS and is a leadership program

Depends on the focus on strengthening the strengths of leaders, and how they transform into exceptional leaders, he uses a tool

360 to measure 16 leadership competencies, also aims to introduce leaders to the concepts of leadership, research studies and better

Leadership practices in the world and the Middle East region, and the way in which they are practiced and applied in their practical reality.

● Program components and features:

○ Apply a unique training curriculum for leadership development.

○ Understand how extraordinary leaders can maximize results.

○ Use a 360 ° feedback scale to identify key strengths.

○ Create a practical, targeted development plan that facilitates goal setting and follow-up.

○ Work to implement leadership development through daily work activities.

● Stages of work:

الان Launch phase, which includes an introductory lecture about the program and conducting a 360 survey.

○ Learning activities: This includes a workshop, individual counseling sessions to explore the measurement results, and the development of a leader development plan.

○ Measurement: It includes the final survey for evaluation by 360 tool

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