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14 May، 2019
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Promising Leaders Program:

The objective of this program is to train and develop promising leaderships for large governmental organizations, imparting long-term training on the job.

Stages of work:

  • Study the reality of the organization and analyze the training needs of promising leaders.
  • Comparing and surveying global models in the preparation of appropriate leadership for the organization’s environment and comparing it to actual need.
  • Building a scientific model for the rehabilitation of promising leaders, including the tools and methods of selection, the qualification methodology and its Levels, and methods of learning and training.
  • Building selection and qualification leadership standards.
  • Building detailed manuals for training programs according to the requirements and components of the model.
  • Selecting and choosing the promising leaders according to the standards and criteria specified in the model.


The impact of this program began from the time it finished through practicing the principles of leadership in my personal and professional life effectively to improve the productivity and success of the work.


Mohammed Saleh Alsulaimani (Saline Water Conversion Corporation)
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