Tamteen for Entrepreneurs

Tamteen for Entrepreneurs

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Tamteen for entrepreneurs:

It is a practical leadership program for entrepreneurs that aims at developing leadership and entrepreneurial skills.

It’s a four-month intensive mid-term practical program that specializes in qualifying the entrepreneur (entrepreneur) and his organization to reach the highest level of efficiency, aimed at creating a generation of qualified entrepreneurs.

The program aims to:

  •  Building leadership capacity for entrepreneurs.
  •  Developing entrepreneurial frameworks.
  •  Contribute to the development of small enterprises and reduce the rate of stumbling.

Program Components:

  1. Leadership competencies: by providing a focused practical and applied program in leadership skills.
  2. Entrepreneurial competencies: by providing a series of short scientific and focused courses on the concepts of business administration.
  3. The guidance: Provide guidance services for four months for each pilot to work according to his needs and to solve his problems.
  4. Study the practical cases: for all participants and develop solutions to them through the discussion of field experts.
  5. The exchange of experience and expertise: with successful businessmen to benefit from their experiences.

This program has put the record straight in many respects. On the other hand, there has been a wonderful mix of practical and leadership experiences. The most beautiful thing I have experienced in this program is that its name reflects its exact objective and results.


Imad Ahmed Al-Farwan (Executive manager – The Leader Brand)