National Youth Leaders Development

National Youth Leaders Development

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This qualitative program is aimed at building the leadership capacities of young people at the university level.

The National Youth Leaders Development Program NYLD (Shareq); is a qualitative program aimed at achieving youth aspirations through leadership development. The program is derived from intensive research and studies undertaken by the working team to identify the challenges and aspirations of Saudi youth. It has also been based on global standards in the design of youth leadership Qualification models such as university programs such as Harvard University and international institutions such as the European Union and others.

Program Qualification Tools:

  1. Field projects
  2. Personal coach
  3. Training
  4. Community initiatives
  5. Reading and self-development
  6. planning Practice

Stages of the Program:

  1. Will: young people, in this stage, are trained to achieve the fundamentals of personal success.
  2. Entrepreneurship: Young people are trained to achieve fundamentals of innovating and managing initiatives.
  3. Leadership: Young people are trained to achieve fundamentals of institutional leadership


National Young Leaders Development is an outstanding program,

We’ve learned about stress management, self-flexibility and positiveness. I personally consider it as a life map for every ambitious young man, it helps you identify your goals and draw an integrated plan for all aspects of your life

Basim Raja’a Al – Mohammadi (Faculty of Engineering – Taibah University)