LD’s Methodology in Building Models

LD’s Methodology in Building Models

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Leaders Development prepares logic models to be the General framework for the Leadership empowering and development programs and create effective training programs that aim to elevate the skills and abilities of influential human capital. To insure the maximum benefit of the created programs, it will be executed based on 3 scientifically researched and studied stages:

The 1st stage: INPUT REVIEW

The process followed in the first stage of creating such program begins by studying the target for which the program will be designed. Getting acquainted with what is already there; what the employees/unemployed have, and getting to know their existing qualifications in their field. The program designers must also have a full scope of people’s readiness to implement structural changes; in order to design a program that will grant expanding the employees’ professional abilities to the maximum.


The 2nd Stage: OUTPUT REVIEW

The second stage is using the data collected to develop a fully evolved developing program that will deliver well-rounded development courses based on training, coaching, counseling, and intensive knowledge. Having individual evaluations facilitates the program developers to build a program that will be of maximum benefit for all involved personnel. The program will be designed to use different interventions and learning modules for different needs, which will aid improving the employees’ performance in all needed aspects.



Obtaining buildable knowledge, as well as a long-term development of skills for our clients to adapt in their everyday lives is the 3rd stage of the program and its ultimate goal. By monitoring the learning, knowledge and skills developed in the program, and making sure that they are applicable and adaptable; not only do we facilitate to improve employees’ attitude and behaviors, but we also push them to make the required changes in procedures. Employees will learn to be more capable of developing more fitting procedures and actions that will improve the quality of their work; and will have the initiative to act where action or decision is needed.



This will aid arriving at the client’s desired comprehensive achievements; increasing the number, quality and market value of its products.

Leaders Development we will always be glad to be a partner in designing unique initiatives for its clients and will be always ready for their next steps.