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BAKR is a Practical program to prepare leaders of non-profit organizations.

The program aims to prepare business leaders for non-profit organizations to meet the challenges of Vision 2030 in increasing the number of non-profit organizations and increasing the number of volunteers. It also focuses on the development of the leadership capacities of a selected group of young people who are ready to lead and training them on the job to lead small or medium-sized non-profit organizations and assisting them to be able to acquire and use the leadership tools according to a comprehensive learning system, and a long-term program.

The program aims to:

  • Providing leadership skills.
  • Provide the skills for the management of charitable work.
  • Providing ethical leadership skills.

 The program contains six manuals:

  1. Scientific Introductions: These are scientific introductions to leadership, its studies, scientific theories in leadership building, and models of specialized entities in leadership building.
  2. Curriculum document: It contains the building of the model and criteria of the charitable work leader, which is built according to three main areas: 1) Leadership 2) Management of charitable work 3) faithful and ethical leadership.
  3. Time Plan: For the weekly programs and events of Bakr program, and how to employ the learning system and measurements in each period of the program.
  4. Leadership standards: Selecting a set of leadership standards which applied during program implementation to measure the extent of the change in the different aspects of leadership, including the Motivation to Lead Questionnaire, the Leadership Trait Questionnaire, The Multifactor Leadership Questionnaire, and Personal Attributes Questionnaire
  5. Learning and Teaching System: Strategies for employing learning and teaching theories and training strategies, divided into three main parts: 1) Teaching and training strategies 2) Learning technology 3) Teaching Aids.
  6. Guidance Manual: A guide for everyone who works in the program on how to deal with different parts of the document and tools, also to be a guide for project managers, supervisors, trainers as well as training center.


akr Program is  a qualifying program. It is rich in a sector where the fast training courses dominated. It uses the factor of time as a tool of interaction between the trainee and the training material. It could attract a selected group of leaders of the second class in the charity sector and who have the willingness and readiness to invest in themselves to be advanced leaders in the near future. This type of training program will produce mature and qualified results for the leaders of the new generation of charitable organizations.

 Dr. Ibrahim Al-Haidari (General Director of Social Responsibility, Ministry of Health)