LD Starts the Guidance Program with SMEA & WB

LD Starts the Guidance Program with SMEA & WB

LD wins the program of Guidance management and implementation for the Small and Medium Enterprises Center, and initiates a partnership with the Small and Medium Enterprises Authority (SMEA) and the World Bank


The program aims at serving at least 500 entrepreneurs and owners of small and medium enterprises. Through providing not less than 50 specialized mentors and advisors with a high qualification level and practical experience in the field to provide guidance and formal guidance at the rate of one hour per week with a total of 2000 guidance hours during the year.

The program also includes 10 seminars that bring together entrepreneurs with local or regional advisors/mentors. As well as hosting 4 successful global entrepreneurs in order to educate, mentor and guide entrepreneurs on view of the guests’ personal experience of how they face obstacles and reach success.

At the end of the project, an honorary ceremony will be held under the patronage of a public figure in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to introduce the personalities who have volunteered to assist entrepreneurs and owners and CEO’s of small and medium enterprises and to honor the top 10 award winners.


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