CEO visit to Bahrain Institute of Public Administration (BIPA)


Meeting with the manager of the Institute of Public Administration of Bahrain (BIPA)

On Monday, 3 Safar 1439h The chief executive officer of Leaders Development visited the Institute of Public Administration of Bahrain (BIPA) and met with its Director General Dr. Raed Mohammed Abdullah Bin Shams as well as Mr. Ishaq Mohammed Al Kooheji, the Executive Director of Education and Development Department.

During the visit, a comprehensive definition of Leaders Development (LD) was presented as a home of national expertise specialized in leadership development and its distinctive focus and specialization in the work of research and development, and management of leadership training projects, with a detailed explanation of a number of LD products and most notably: the Promising Leaderships model, Bakr model, and others, as well as listening to an explanation about the Institute’s vision, objectives and the mechanism of its work. He also explained the model of the Institute in the development of public sector employees, and then a dialogue was held on ways of cooperation in which the two sides can work on mutual benefit.


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