Launching NYLD Program (Shareq)

The National Young Leaders Development Program (Sharq)will be launched -With the help of Allah-, on Tuesday, 06 February 2018 at Taibah University in Madinah.

The program aims to build the personality of the young man and train him as a leader. The preparation phase of the program was characterized by conducting many types of research and studies specialized in the field of leadership development for youth in particular. They were done by a distinguished research team to identify the challenges and difficulties facing the Saudi youth as well as their potentials that can be invested.

The program is designed according to a 12-skill model based on 3 key competencies (will, entrepreneurship, and leadership).

The program will be applied to 50 college students of Taibah University over a full semester. It is worth mentioning that the program is the result of a successful partnership between the education sector represented by the University of Taibah, the charitable sector represented by the Waqf Charity Association, and the private sector represented by the Leaders Development Company.


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