Signing “YCSP” contract with JCC

Signing “YCSP” contract with JCC


The Governor of the Job Creation Commission and combating Unemployment, Mr. Omar Al-Batati, signed a contract with the Leaders Development to train and qualify 4000 pioneers of activities in the Ministry of Education as part of Vision 2030 initiatives.

The Youth Community Service program (Ahlaha) aims at establishing positive values, building an independent personality for the people of the country, and developing the skills of young people and make good use of them.

This can be achieved  through the training of activity pioneers to lead the initiatives of voluntary work with their students in schools in order to familiarize them with the initiative, leadership of voluntary work and national service which involves students in community service activities and contributes to the refinement of their personalities and develops their skills to be leaders and pioneers in the community, through the implementation of the program in 46 different cities of the Kingdom and continue for more than 15 months.

A group of specialists, practitioners, university professors and training experts participated in the project.


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