4MAT Leadership Training Model

4MAT Leadership Training Model

As a reflection of the strategic partnership between Leaders Development Center and “About Learning Organization”, the Center implemented a training program for leadership through the 4MAT model.

The course was presented by Dr. Bernice McCarthy, who developed the theory of 4MAT, and with the assistance of Michael McCarthy the Executive Director of the Organization.

The training program on leadership was attended by a constellation of education, business leaders, and training institutions. This Program is the first of its kind in the region.

The importance of the subject has been confirmed through a survey conducted by LD on the beneficiaries of the program, which analyzes the learning system of each trainee and ways to facilitate the leadership of others and accelerate change within the organization. Leaders Development was represented by Prof. Mansour Al-Mansour and Mr. Abdul-Aziz Bin Tawaleh from the Research and Business Development Unit.






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