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WHAT IS Leaders Development?

Leaders Development (LD) is a specialized national expertise house which was established in 2009 in the Saudi capital city, Riyadh. It provides the best-specialized services and products in the area of developing the leaders of both profit and non-profit organizations.

Our Vision:

The competent authority in the area of developing the leaders in the Arab world.

Our Mission:

Specialists in crafting and developing the influential leaders in accordance with the best methods and techniques of influence, through excellent products and services, exploiting the local and international expertise in a creative work environment

Our Values:

  • Proficiency: We design with knowledge, and execute with quality.
  • Professionalism: we take care of specialization, and we maintain professionalism in providing services.
  • Team spirit: We are a homogeneous group with multi-expertise and integrated capabilities.
  • Initiative: We tap opportunities and take action to meet demands.
  • Social Responsibility: We devote a part of our services to the development of the leaders of non-profit organizations.

Our Services:

  • We design models and products specialized in preparing and training leadership.
  • We Manage and execute leadership training projects.
  • We enrich leadership knowledge.

Our Policies:

  • We have a network of durable partnerships and alliances with specialists from local and international expertise houses.
  • We develop lasting business and friendly relationships with suppliers and customers.
  • We are committed to providing the best solutions and the best practices in the targeted programs.

What are Leaders Development Goals?

Basically, We are aiming to achieve three main goals:

  • Excellence in crafting and developing leadership.
  • Enriching leadership knowledge.
  • Sponsoring leadership initiatives.

How do we work?

A) We design integrated solutions:

We analyze the requirement with deep knowledge and various tools.

We examine the relevant global leadership products.

We design specialized leadership training models.

We professionally prepare and execute the training plans.

We measure the impact and outcome of the value of the training programs.

We constantly document, develop and improve.

B) We make excellent products:

We adopt accurate specifications for the target product.

We explore and study the needs of the target group.

We study the best practices for similar products.

We test and compare information and results.

We build an integrated model for our products.

We judge and evaluate our products.

We apply, review and develop.

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Salim Bin Talib
Graphic Designer
Abdulmajeed Al-Muhaythif
Director of Operations
Fawaz Hakami
Program Manager
Abdulhai Dukhan
PMO Director
More than 12 years' experience in project management. Managed and supervised several software projects, infrastructure projects, consulting and management projects, and PMO management.
Bandar Al-Osaimi
Program Manager
KEY SKILLS Management branding communication marketing flexibility creativity
Mazen Al-Aushan
Quality officer
MBA, King Saud University
Abdulaziz bin Twala
Researcher and business developer
MBA from Iwana College, New York. Advanced Diploma in Business Continuity Management. Crisis Management - New York Prepared a number of scientific papers on leadership published in Harvard and others. Advisor to the management of an expertise house at King Abdulaziz University for 3 years A lead researcher in the project of competencies of Executive Director of Small Organizations. A lead researcher in the project of developing a model for the development of young national leaders
Abdulrahman Al-Ahaidab
Supervisor of the Coaching Unit
Master of Mechanical Engineering. Founder of the unit of Guidance and Personal Coaching in Leaders Development (LD). Personal guide of more than 250 leaders. Certified Trainer for LMI and Trained more than 700 in quality assessment.
Nasser Al-Fayez
Marketing manager
Business Development Manager, Al Amikan Travel & Tourism Group Marketing Manager in the private colleges of knowledge Marketing Officer, Advanced Arabian Systems Company
Eng. Abdullah Al-Dubaikhi
Chairman of the Board
CEO of Agricultural Investment and Livestock Production Company - a wholly owned subsidiary of the Public Investment Fund Chief Executive Officer of Afof Investment from 2006 to 2011 CEO and Board Member of Al-Dowalj Technology Company from 1993 to 2002 Project manager in the lending department of the Saudi Development Fund from 1990 to 1993 Director of the division of Saudi Telecom from 1987 to 1990
Abdulrahman Aldurayhim
Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer More than 10 years of experience in the development projects management. Directly supervised the design and implementation of development training programs for more than 4000 leaders. Excellent experience in the management small enterprises and their projects.
Prof. Mansour Al-Mansour
Supervisor of Business Development Unit
Ecophysiologist, interested in Higher education, Leadership, Management& Sociology. Experience in consulting projects for more than 15 years. Experience in training and development not less than (20) years. 20 years in the boards of higher education and non-profit institutions Chairman of the Board of Directors of Dar Al-Jumaa International Media Center
Abdullah Mousa Yelkawi
Training and development expert
Interested in leadership training and organizational growth strategies.
Haitham Abu-Ayyad
Director of Training Department Department
Performance Development & Business Development Consultant (REACH2 CHANGE) Consultant General Manager Training Training Performance Improvement Company Director of Development and Support Activities of the Deanship of Preparation King Faisal University Lecturer of communication skills and technical writing Balqa Applied University First Education Support Trainer (SJE) Canadian Education Support Agency in Jordan Life Skills Trainer with UNICEF